Electrotechnical and Panel Design Services using the latest AutoCad software. We can offer engineering support and site surveys for routine and bespoke installations.
All of our switchgear, control and power panels are manufactured to the latest specifications at our UK site. We offer onsite and remote FAT facilities as well as customised certification.
We undertake modifications, upgrades and site installations. We build and test control and distribution panels and ensure compliance with customer specifications and UK Regulations. We use high quality components to ensure system longevity and minimise fault occurrence.

Switchgear and Control

Modifications, upgrades and site installations

At our UK site, we take pride in manufacturing all of our switchgear, control, and power panels in strict accordance with the latest specifications and industry standards. To provide flexibility and convenience to our clients, we offer both onsite and remote Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) facilities. This allows you to witness and verify the performance and compliance of the equipment, ensuring that it meets your specific requirements before installation.

Our company offers comprehensive electrotechnical and panel design services, utilizing the latest AutoCAD software to ensure precise and efficient design solutions. We go beyond design and also provide engineering support and conduct thorough site surveys for both routine and customized installations.

In addition, we understand that each project may have unique certification needs. That’s why we offer customized certification services tailored to your project’s specifications.

Our company specializes in undertaking modifications, upgrades, and site installations to meet your specific needs. With our expertise, we have the capability to build and thoroughly test control and distribution panels in-house, ensuring that they align with both your unique specifications and the stringent regulations set forth by the UK authorities. To guarantee the longevity of your systems and minimize the occurrence of faults, we exclusively utilize high-quality components sourced from trusted suppliers.