Calibration Bath Fluid


MCL5012, 5013, 5014 – Calibration Bath Fluid 500 ml

Moorcroft supplies a full range of silicone fluids designed for use with calibration baths and circulators.

This fluid specification has the benefit of being clean, convenient, non-hazardous, and has low toxicity.

Useable ranges will depend on temperature ranges, viscosity required, and test equipment used.

Please contact us for advice and support for your application.

Part NumberViscosityDesignationFlash PointUse RangeFrom per 0.5lFrom per 1.0l
MCL501210cStSilicone Oil 200.10162oC-30oC to 140oC£65.00£125.00
MCL501320cStSilicone Oil 200.20230oC15oC to 200oC£55.00£105.00
MCL501450cStSilicone Oil 200.50280oC30oC to 270oC£52.00£98.00

From: £52.00